Schedule a Live Video Coaching
You can be coached from anywhere with a high speed internet connection. At your appointment time, click the link in your confirmation email to go to your video conference.

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In order to use the service:

  • You must install the Zoom app. It is free and only takes a couple seconds.
    • If using a desktop computer, Zoom will begin install automatically the first time you click your personal coaching link. It is recommended, however, that you install it in advance, to avoid any technical problems during your coaching time.
    • If using a mobile or tablet device, you must install the Zoom app before your conference session. It is free and available for Apple and Android devices.
    • To learn more about Zoom, go here.
  • Your home or studio environment should be well-lit, with plenty of light on your face, and large enough that your computer, tablet, or mobile device can be placed far enough away to show you from the waist up.