Can you guarantee that I’ll book the part if I work with you?2018-05-31T17:12:11+00:00

Nope. I sure can’t. But I can guarantee that you’ll look good in the audition, you’ll be taken seriously, and you won’t display bad habits that will get you overlooked every time. You’ll be thought of as a legitimate actor. If the director thinks you’re right for the part, you’ll get it. He or she will know that you’re a competent actor who’s ready to work!

I’ve never acted before. Can you help me?2018-05-31T17:11:24+00:00

I’m more than happy to work with you. But if you’ve never had formal training or experience, it might take many sessions with me before you’re ready for your first audition. You may be better off enrolling in an acting class for beginners. Then come see me before you’re ready to go to your first audition.

I’m a Professional Actor. Do I really need acting coaching?2018-05-31T17:10:26+00:00

Yes you do. Professional actors never stop honing their craft. Great actors are always in a class to keep their wheels greased and their instrument sharp. Audra McDonald still works with a voice coach. Audition coaching won’t teach you to act. But it will ensure that you’re avoiding bad habits, and making the best choices to represent yourself well in auditions.

If my audition involves sides and/or a song, can you help me with that?2018-05-31T17:09:39+00:00

For sure. I work with actors on sides all the time. And I can help you with the story-telling and dramatic expression of your song, but you may need to work with a vocal coach as well. I can’t give you technical singing advice.

Can you do in-person coaching?2018-05-31T17:07:39+00:00
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